The Naivasha Childrens Shelter

African boy in green jersey leafs through book while overseen by teacher

The Naivasha Children’s Shelter looks after over 50 boys. It provides education, and training. It tries to reintegrate the children with whatever remains of their families.  Romilly’s charity helped to get the ball rolling by offering to build two dormitories shortly after Romilly’s death. Panda Flowers provided a beautiful 10 acre site. A local charity, was formed to manage the project.

The leading personality was Debbie Case. Debbie was a great organiser and very good at networking the local, primarily agricultural community for support.  Debbie had lost her own daughter in tragic circumstances. One felt that she gave the love, care and energy that would have been her child’s to the street children of Naivasha and to the Shelter she created.debbie # 1Debbie Case

Debbie died last year. She left behind a well run shelter full of happy children, with good staff backed by very capable trustees.

After the construction of the two dormitories, completed in 2003,  generously paid for by Romilly’s supporters, Romilly’s charity has continued to support this successful and wonderful project.

Thanks to her supporters her charity was recently able to agree to pay for the salary of a social worker and the school fees of 6 boys. Having left the street for the Shelter, they  were brought up to national educational standards by teachers at the Shelter, enabling them to go to the local high school. All these boys are doing well and one of these ex-street children is top of his class.

Again and again the projects supported by Romilly show that these homeless children rise to the opportunity if it is given them. It is Romilly’s purpose to make sure that they have their chance to do so.

Read more about the Naivasha Children’s Shelter at


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