Miki raises £3482 for Street Children

Miki Jablowska has raised £3482.75 including gift aid for street children by running the London Marathon.

Woman lying on floor wearing shirt,  tee shirt, running shoes and London Marathon number

Miki says,  “Except for blister, cramps bruised foot & sunburn, all was great in a pain is great sort of way….!   Finished in 4:31.
THANKS to you for your warm & generous support – truly much appreciated.”

Thank you Miki and thanks to all your supporters for giving so generously.


Miki’s London Marathon (running for street children) Training Report:

Latest update from Miki:Miki lying on floor feeling sore after training for marathon” Dear All,
Got upto 30km today!  Not quite enough and very slow.  I wanted to feel more able to complete the marathon’s 42 km (26.2 miles) with a small measure of confidence…..  (I’ve not had enough time with due to work commitments).

Again my sincere and great thanks to those who have supported me – I really appreciate it, on behalf of the charities.
Any further donations gratefully received at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Mikirunning
Thank you!
Miki x

Miki, thank you and all your supporters for all you are doing for street children.


Keen to learn. Ex-street children with a foot on the academic ladder.

These boys were street children. Not anymore.  They’ve worked hard at the Naivasha Children’s Shelter to pass their KPCE exams and are now going to high school. Street children don’t go to school. Unfortunately like many in Africa the Kenyan government does not pay for school fees above a certain age. One of the best ways of making sure that a child or young person does not end up on the street is to make sure that he or she is able to go to school.  This is why we are so pleased to be able to pay for a years school fees for these 6 boys (only five in the picture).
For that thanks to all Romilly’s kind, generous donors.  Good work.  Five african boys in coloured background blue doorsThank you Julius for taking the picture and Kristen for sending it.  We hope that we will have more news about these boys and how they get on at high school.

We are also grateful to Romilly’s supporters for enabling her charity to pay a years salary for a social worker at the shelter.

Miki’s Marathon                                                                                                                                  Thank you very much indeed too to all those who have donated by sponsoring Miki Jablowski’s heroic London Marathon.  So far 45 people have sponsored her. At the time of writing there are 32 more days to go. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Mikirunning

The Friends of the Street Children in Kitwe.                                                                        Christopher Mulenga, the executive chairman and our interlocuter, has had malaria and has been out of contact. Having recovered from his malaria his internet went down but I am hoping to have news from him soon.

Miki races in London for Street Children in Africa

I asked Miki Jablowski if she had ever run a marathon. She has. So she knows what it takes. Not only that, but in the last twelve months she has broken her ankle in two places and torn a ligament. If that was not bad enough she has a degenerative spine.   So hers a heroic effort for street children.

Miki training for London Marathon
Miki prepares to run the London Marathon for Street Children and Romilly

Miki feels the fear but does it anyway.

Miki works on the technical side of theatre, lighting and automated scene changing, and is currently working on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical, Stephen Ward at the Aldwych Theatre.

Why Romilly?  ‘Because I am very impressed and moved by the work done, by the extremely valid Romilly street children projects ;
because I have seen how large charities spend our money and I can see that small charities use our money more efficiently as their overheads are lower, have few resources – if any – for marketing.  As a result, our support is much more important to small charities.’

If you would like to support Romilly’s actions for Street Children and Miki’s heroic run please sponsor Miki at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Mikirunning