Boscastle to Bude – Day 5 of Romilly’s One Island Walk for Street Children

Barnaby Dickens and I left Boscastle at 8.00.  It was another beautiful day.

Boscastle, low tide, fishing boats, creekBoscastle harbour.

DSCF8429We stuck to the coast path all the way to Bude.

Rock and seaAs with much of the north Cornwall and Devon part of the coast the path descends steeply and reascends steeply. From the tops the successive folds in the land are often hidden. It is very hard work. Reggie, Barnaby’s terrier thought so anyway.Barnaby Dickens on  South West Coast Path

Barnaby Dickens, who very generously asked all his friends to donate to Romilly instead of giving him birthday presents.  Many thanks to all you generous friends of Barnaby.

red and yellow butterfly

Plastic dog shit bagHas any one calculated the carbon foot print of the nations dog and cat food?  Whatever it is you can now add the energy consumed manufacturing dog shit bags which some dog owners feel some else should pick up.

two men sitting on bollards on beach drinking with dog looking onLucy supported us with refreshments, which Reggie kept an eye on.

DSCF8466We ended the day at Bude where we stayed the night in a comfortable b and b. We ate in an Indian Restaurant. Delicious. I had two pints of Tiger draft.

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