The life that ended so suddenly on 7th February 1999, was very intense.

Romilly was passionate, creative, loyal, loving, very generous, very funny. She had a tremendous sense of fun. She loved all games and usually won, luckily, since she hated losing. She had a real talent for calculating the odds, almost, or so it seemed, without thinking. She was an imaginative negotiator.

Some children leave childhood early. They aspire to adulthood. Romilly did not. She never lost her playfulness. As well as her contemporaries she loved much younger children and enjoyed drawing them into her games. Not all adolescents do. Her work experience just before her death was working in the Ecole Maternel de Marminiac.

From about the age of nine until her death Romilly’s passion was riding, and, once she had one, her horse, Betty Boop. In her last year Romilly had two bad falls, which sprained her neck and broke one of the articulations of her back. Although a fearless rider she confessed to having fallen off or been thrown 27 times. Sometimes we feared for her life. In the end, though, she was killed by the carbon monoxide fumes from a badly installed water-heater.

In consequence of her riding accidents in the spring and summer of 1998, Romilly was taken off sport. Instead, her sports teacher, Pierre Petric, at Notre Dame in Cahors, introduced her to the idea of working for others less fortunate than herself. She very much enjoyed helping at the Resto du Coeur, a soup kitchen for the destitute. She becamed enthusiastically involved in the organisation of a concert to raise funds for the association Le Pont, which sponsors refugee children.

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One thought on “Romilly

  1. Carmel MacIntyre July 27, 2017 / 8:03 am

    I haven’t come onto the site for a long time but every time I read the above it moves me all over again. And, all over again, I admire what the family has done in the wake of Romilly’s departure.

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