Miki’s Marathon

A big thanks to Miki and all who sponsored her.

Victory London 2019

She came in at 4hrs 38. This is not her fastest time, but it was a very crowded field. She had to weave through other runners and she was running with two injuries. She was 49th in her gender/age group, which sounds pretty good to me. Her low was passing someone being resuscitated. Her high was seeing Max from EastEnders and running past him. “I love EastEnders’, says Miki.

Thank you very much indeed, Miki for raising so much money so valiantly for good causes, and thank you, all you kind, generous supporters for donating so much. Between you, you have raised £1267, including gift aid, for Romilly’s care of street children. You really will have made a difference to these children’s lives.

If you missed sponsoring Miki, but would like to help Romilly help these very vulnerable children, please sponsor Laura and Sam in the Bristol 10K here.

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