It does not cost much to save a life….

When we say ‘save a life’, we mean it. Some of the children on the street will die early,  through violence, disease, malnutrition. Some just disappear. They aren’t registered. Some will go to prison. If young they may be lucky to leave alive. Tribal violence, civil and gang wars in the neighbouring Congo, rural and urban dislocation, parental deaths and family breakdown have terrible consequences for these children.  Those that survive will lose the life they could have had if properly nourished, cared for and educated. Friends of Street Children (FSC) aims to restore the wonderful potential for a good life to very deprived, vulnerable children, but it costs money to do so.

Washing line and tree, Kitwe, boys shelter, Zambia
Someone’s got to do it. Washing at the Friends of Street Children Shelter at Kawama, Kitwe.

Friends of Street Children has nine staff to man two shelters: a girls shelter and a boys shelter, 24 hours a day. They also run programs to prevent children going onto the street in the first place, and work the streets to make contact with and win the trust of children who have. They bring them up to speed to rejoin school. They travel miles and spend hours tracing relatives of the children (3000 kms return in the case of one child), and pay for their school fees if relatives cannot be found to take responsibility. They shop, cook, clean, grow chickens for them, and garden, as well as carry out all the administration that all this requires.  Over the years since we have worked with FSC they have shown their dedication to the children they care for, often in very trying circumstances.

Here are some of the costs of what it takes to do all this.

Average Staff Salaries including social security payments:  £1260 p.a.                         Donate

School fees for one child at primary school  £33 p.a.                                                     Donate

School fees for one child at secondary school  £65 p.a.                                                 Donate

Malaria drugs £7.50 a month                                                                                                 Donate

Running the van including fuel and insurance £116 a month                                            Donate

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