Spread a little warmth with your winter fuel payment. More street children than ever need our support

Remember that dreadful moment when the teacher summoned you to the blackboard in front of the rest of the class?

The pandemic brought record numbers of street children to the safety of the two shelters in Kitwe. The pandemic has also brought rampant inflation and economic uncertainty and so we are appealing to anyone who receives a Winter Fuel Allowance but does not need some, or all of it, to make a donation so that we can continue to support Friends of Street Children and their mission to help these very vulnerable children.

How to support our Winter Appeal

You can donate some or all of your Winter Fuel Allowance using the donation links below. A donation can make a big difference to these children.

  • £365 will pay the salary of a staff member for three months.
  • £200 will pay for food for ten children for a month
  • £100 will pay to educate three children for a whole year at secondary school.

You can make a donation through Virgin Money Giving here:


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