The Death of Christopher Mulenga

Christopher Mulenga died on 3rd September 2018. He was the chief executive of Friends of Street Children, the Zambian NGO, based in Kitwe, which Romilly currently helps to support.

He was one of the founders of FSC and worked tirelessly for its survival and that of the children it champions.  For years he suffered from diabetes and recurring bouts of malaria. These were very debilitating. Earlier this year he started to loose his sight, and just before his death had undergone surgery on one of his eyes. Through all this I believe that he was sustained by his strong Christian faith and his sense of duty to the children.

He was a great ambassador for FSC, charming, courteous and endlessly good humoured in often very difficult circumstances.  He was patient and determined. He was a pleasure to be with and to talk to, and I will miss him greatly. He is mourned by his wife, family, and colleagues.

He died at a time when FSC, with help from Romilly and Friends of Africa, was undertaking considerable changes in management and in the members of its board. These changes will build on Christopher’s work and help to make Friends of Street Children, to which Christopher gave so much of his life, even more effective in the protection, care and reintegration of the horribly vulnerable children and young people, whom Christopher sought to serve.

In his management role he will be succeeded by Meya Mbulo, a long standing FSC staff member, who like Christopher is a teacher by profession. Meya is very capable and highly regarded by her colleagues, and by anyone who has seen her in action in the streets of Kitwe.

James Forshall

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