Engine Trouble – Day 9 Romilly’s One Island Walk for Street Children

My plan was to sail from Illfracombe to Swansea.  A friend of a friend of a friend had kindly said that they would take me in their tri marin.  I was delighted.  It would be an adventure, and not cheating because I would probably be seasick all the way and wishing I had walked instead.  We were to sail 36 hours after my arrival in Ilfracombe.  I had planned a rest day.  All good.

On the rest day I received a call from the skipper. ‘The engine won’t start. We’re repairing it but there’ll be a days delay.’

‘ Do we really need an engine though. What about the sails?  What about using a rowing boat to pull it out like in Master and Commander?’

‘ No, sorry, can’t be done. It’s got no steerage below 5 knots. We need the engine to get out of the harbour.’

Well, I could certainly do with another rest day.  I’d just have to make up the time when I got to Swansea.  An extra 5 miles a day for four days should sort it out.

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