” Thank you for sending us to such a wonderful place”.

Thanks to the repair of the well and the replacement of the pump, the boys at the Kawama shelter for street children run by FOSC are able to grow their own vegetables again.  Thank you,  all you generous donors,  who made this possible.  Thank you, too,  to Lucy Johnson and her family who visited the site and who sent the pictures below.


Lucy wrote,
“Thank you for sending us to such a wonderful place. Christopher is clearly inspired and inspiring, and can make anything happen. He is much admired among teachers in Kitwe, and our friend Francis Chilufya, who is head of Riverain primary, came with us to see what Christopher has done. Riverain needs a bore hole (they owe the water company a fortune and regularly have their supply disconnected – all their money goes on water not books) and Christopher explained to Francis exactly how he had managed to knock the engineering company down to the best price, and ensured they put in the right electrical kit, pump and piping. He also used some of your donation money to get the tower painted. The bore hole has made a phenomenal difference – you can see how productive the garden is, and all the boys are so proud of it, and so happy to show us what they have been doing. Look at the tomatoes! The whole project was very moving.”  P1010278 P1010279 P1010280 P1010281 P1010283-1

One thought on “” Thank you for sending us to such a wonderful place”.

  1. Tim Drake December 11, 2013 / 2:27 pm

    Brilliant. Well done.

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